Cancer - kataka rasi, Expenses (or) losses: the kataka rasi (cancer sign) natives would face difficulties in controlling their expenses from 19 th to 31 st march 2016; and faces highly. New year astrology predictions 2016 | rasi palan, New year astrology predictions 2016 | rasi palan predictions for 2016. sri durga devi upasakar, v.g.krishnarau. first january 2016 falls on a friday.. Sagittarius - dhanusu rasi, Financial position (liquidity): the dhanusu rasi (sagittarius sign) natives would remain partially comfortable with their financial issues; but enjoy significant.

Kanya rashi shani transit predictions 2014-2017 | virgo, Kanya rasi kanni rashi 6th 12 rashi systems hindu astrology astrology theories. predictions shani transit (saturn transition. Secrets horoscope: 2014 - 2015 guru transit rishaba, Showing posts label 2014 - 2015 guru transit rishaba rasi. show posts.