Fun math: calculate returns monthly data, Do you know how to calculate the year-to-date return on the s&p 500 index using monthly returns? no? well, it’s easy and fun and i’ll show you how.. What' happening debt ceiling explained | mother, Welcome to our debt ceiling explainer. as of august 3, this explainer is no longer being updated on a daily basis. you can read on for the basics of congress' debt. How obama' 'myra' retirement accounts work - jan. 29, Here's a look at how myras will work, according to the white house: who can open a myra? the accounts are targeted at the millions of low- and middle.

H.. 2847 - july 1, 2014 .. dollar officially, Rumor: .. dollar officially collapse 1 july 2014 due implementation .. 2847.. Global currency reset - update - march 2nd, 2014 | lindsey, Update: 8th march 2014 – russia imf move reforms ..! ‘russian officials pushing international monetary fund move .