Rahu ketu transit 2016, rahu transiting leo, ketu, In vedic astrology, rahu and ketu belong to the navagrahas or the 9 planets because they attach us to our karma just like other planets. in reality, they are shadow. Guru peyarchi palangal guru peyarchi prediction kataka, Category-wise (employees, woman, businessman, old people, students) guru peyarchi predictions – palangal published below. for employees:. all the bad effects of. Impact sade sati aries / mesha rasi, Impact of sade sati on aries / mesha rasi in 2015, 2016. with the transit of saturn in the enclosure of moon sign scorpio, it reflects upon the eight house of aries.

Rahu ketu peyarchi palangal - dec 25, 2012 jul 14, 2014, Click rahu ketu peyarchi palangal dec 25, 2012 jul 14, 2014.. health, love, relationship, education, career. http://www.softwareandfinance.com/Magazine/Astrology/Rahu_Ketu_2012_2014/Index.html Peyarchi, Ketu peyarchi 2015: moving rasi meenam 2014, ketu reside 2015 . shadowy planet, ketu physical identity. http://www.peyarchi.com/